Gare du Nord

Gare du Nord 


Rooted in the lounge- and jazzy pop music, I started playing as a regular member with Gare du Nord since the tour in january – may 2014, together with Marc, Guido & Floris. Frank Montis joined the group for the club tour (october – november 2014). By writing new material the band is growing towards a new and fresh sound.

Dorona Alberti(vocals), Frank Montis(vocals&keys), Aron Raams(guitar), Floris van der Vlught/Guido Nijs(sax), Marc Schenk(drums))



No shows booked at the moment.


…its coming up!…



  • Gare du Nord TourDigi

    “Stronger” club-tour

    09-10-15: Gare du Nord is gigging the dutch clubs in the last quarter of 2015. promoting the release of the new cd “Stronger”.

  • Gare du Nord @ Caprera


    30-05-15: There are some venues a bit more special than others… One of them is definitely Caprera. We had the pleasure of playing there with Gare du Nord. Really lovely night!

  • stage Barendrecht Gare du Nord

    End tour Gare du Nord

    03-05-15: Yesterday we had the last concert of the tour 2015 with Gare du Nord. What a great time and fun we had these last 4 months! Looking forward to the new cd release, somewhere september/October this year. For now we’ll be doing some festivals in the summer and hopefully a little promotion tour this fall…


  • Gare_du_Nord_studio


    20-02-2015: We just recorded the new Gare du Nord cd today… will be out in October.

  • Looking towards stage in Raalte

    Gare du Nord @ Raalte

    01-02-2015: Had fun with Gare du Nord playing @ the HOFtheatre, Raalte. What a nice and cosy theatre indeed.


cd "Stronger" by Gare du Nord


cd “Stronger” by Gare du Nord