DelMontis was founded in 2009 by vocalist/pianist/composer Frank Montis & saxophonist/composer Rolf Delfos. The groovy songs are mostly composed by Frank and are deeply rooted in both pop, blues and jazz tradition. The horn section, led by Rolf Delfos, is renowned by the Auratones. In 2015 DelMontis is bringing a hommage to the music of Ray Charles, playing in clubs and theaters.
(Frank Montis (vocals/keys), Rolf Delfos (alto), Peter Broekhuizen (baritone), Cees Trappenburg (trumpet), Pim Dros (drums))


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  • DelMontis playing @ de Kluiz
  • DelMontis Hornz @de Kluiz
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  • DelMontis @ ArrowJazz, Frank, Lean & me


DelMontis has a lot of good catchy tunes and swinging grooves. With the amazing voice and unique keyboard playing of Frank Montis and strong orchestration of Rolf Delfos, these gentlemen make with Straightforward Fascination a crushing entrance on the Dutch jazz scene. (Monte la Rue “Jazzism”)

cd Straightforward Fascination Delmontis(2011)

Straightforward Fascination

debut cd Straightforward Fascination by DelMontis (2011)