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I finally did it! Making my own first cd as a bandleader and composing all the pieces on it.

The basis of the new POLDER quintet, is the Rotterdam GAP trio, featuring Andreas Suntrop (guitar) and Pim Dros (drums) with me on the acoustic bass. Our rhythm section is completed by Nils van Haften (saxophones) and Vincent Veneman (trombone), both of whom are strong soloists and great team players.

Upcoming Events

  • 22/01/16 - 30/11/19 sessie in Leiden at Stg. Utopia
  • 12/02/16 - 30/11/19 Wolfgang Maiwald trio in Laren at Brinkhuis
  • 18/02/16 - 30/11/19 Ruud Meijer in Rotterdam at Walhalla
  • 23/02/16 - 30/11/20 sessie in Tilburg at Paradox
  • 26/02/16 - 30/11/19 One Trick Pony, Harry Connick programma in Oirschot at de Enck

News & Updates

  • Polder @ de Kluiz

    Polder @ de Kluiz

    21-10-15: First concert of my band POLDER playing @ de Kluiz (Oosterhout). Really great to hear the music played live for an audience. I had a great time and hope some others did too!

  • “Stronger” club-tour

    “Stronger” club-tour

    09-10-15: Gare du Nord is gigging the dutch clubs in the last quarter of 2015. promoting the release of the new cd “Stronger”.

  • photo shoot

    photo shoot

    05-06-15: A quick snapshot during the photo shoot with the Michiel Stekelenburg quintet.

  • arranging “State of Monk”

    arranging “State of Monk”

    11-09-15: This is my first (serious) arrangement ever. I took my own composition State of Monk for the Monk Inside Out program of the Clazz ensemble. Really fun to do things you’re not used to and I have the feeling it worked out! 10-10-15 we’re gonna play it on the concert.

  • de Uitdaging

    de Uitdaging

    18-07-15: Playing with my old buddy Thijs Borsten and his program “de Uitdaging” featuring Giovanca and Necco Novellas.

  • DelMontis @ Jazzroom

    DelMontis @ Jazzroom

    04-07-15: Sometimes you have to do strange things to do a gig…

  • de dag der Kunsten

    de dag der Kunsten

    21-06-15: Open air concerts in Holland… wet, wet, wet!

  • Caprera


    30-05-15: There are some venues a bit more special than others… One of them is definitely Caprera. We had the pleasure of playing there with Gare du Nord. Really lovely night!

  • DelMontis @ Breda jazzfestival

    DelMontis @ Breda jazzfestival

    14-05-15: DelMontis @ Jazzfestival Breda, with the great Niek de Bruijn on drums.
    delMontis got “Nieked”, Breda got “Nieked”!

  • Fresh Cuts

    Fresh Cuts

    09-05-15: Proud to be -occasionally- part of the “Fresh Cuts”. This time it was the 3rd year anniversary of the North Sea Jazz club. With a lot of great guests. Wonderful evening!